Mold box

Mold box

Introducing the MOLDbox Vacuum/Press Thermoforming Machinery.
moldbox thermoforming machine

 A machine specifically designed and manufactured for the needs of the sign industry.

The MOLDbox operates both as a hydraulic press for plastic material and as a vacuum molder.

One of its greatest advantages is the fact that the operator can change both the mold and the operating dimensions within 2 – 3 minutes without the need to tightening or loosen any screws.
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Exceptional manufacturing quality
  • Adjustable thermoforming area to any model
  • Twin mold table (upper/lower)
  • Vacuum, Press and combo configurations
  • Wide range of thermoforming applications
  • High extrusion depth, up to 47 cm
  • Powerful adjustable furnace
  • Temperature controlled material holding bars
  • High capacity vacuum pump, 200 m3/h
  • Enormous press force, 4000Kg
  • Fast molds change over
  • Full automatic and manual operation
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Video: Vacuming a plexiglas with logotype

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